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Many homes still have old-style fuse boards installed, offering little or no protection against electrocution. Renewing your old fuse board has a number of benefits, including improved safety. RAL Electrical can ensure that you have an essential residual-current device (RCD) that will provide additional protection. With the inclusion of miniature circuit breakers, they offer crucial protection to each circuit throughout your home, in case of an electrical fault.

We provide a complete fuse board replacement service. We can install a new fuse board all to current British Standards. All fuse boards we replace are in line with 18th edition regulations.

Please note that if a fuse board is replaced, due to the requirements for electrical installations (BS7671) and for the issue of a Part-P certificate, the following additional work may need to be undertaken:

  • Upgrade of the main tails
  • Upgrade of the main earthing conductor
  • Upgrade of the main bonding conductors (gas, water, oil, steel, structure etc.)

For advice about our fuse board replacement service or to book your upgrade please Contact us.

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